Llamas are a member of the camelid family and are native to South America.  Their uses include showing, packing, driving, guards for sheep and goats, fiber, pets and breeding.  Todays llamas are producing top quality fiber which the Pacific Northwest Llama Fiber Cooperative is now producing many beautiful blankets, rugs, and other items.  Guard llamas have a fantastic record protecting sheep and goats from predators.  An adult llama can carry 60-80 pounds 6-10 miles per day, 6 llamas will do less damage to a trail than one mule. The llama's gestation period is 11-12 months having one baby called a Cria, they rarely have twins.  Llamas hum to their babies and they also have a high pitched scream which is an alarm call.   Although they do spit at each other, they seldom spit at people unless provoked. They are very gentle, clean animals and a joy to raise.

McKenzie Lake Ranch is located on 39 acres in Alfalfa, Oregon in the heart of central Oregon.    We have been breeding llamas with top quality bloodlines since 1997.  Members of ILR, Central Oregon Llama Association (COLA), Llama Fiber Cooperative of North America, and Argentine Llama Aficionados.  We maintain a herd of over 90 llamas, offering.show, pack, guard and pet llamas.
Owners James Parker and Adrienne Dawell-Parker
McKenzie Lake Ranch
25785 Walker Rd., Bend, Or. 97701       541-306-3418
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